Get Part L Compliant

Get Part L Compliance For Your Lighting - The Simple Way

Our range of wireless controls and sensors gives you all you need to get Part L compliance for your Wireless Lighting Control system. Our Unite Module, PIR, and Switches fulfil the Building Regulations' requirements for commercial lighting as detailed in Part L2.

The simple-to-use Unite App will get you up and running in no time. You can adjust the settings using the App at any time to optimise your power saving.

The Unite App has pre-set options for Absence detection, Presence detection and Daylight Harvesting.

Getting Part L Compliance for your industrial lighting is as simple as 1 2 3. All you need to do is to:

  1. Install the Unite Modules, Switches and PIR sensors
  2. Connect them to the system
  3. Select the mode

Connect with us and learn more about how to save time and money and get compliance in the simplest way possible.

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8 channel Unite Module

The Unite Module is at the heart of the Unite range. This 8 channel module provides controls for DALI, DMX, 0-10V, 1-10V and Relay controlled lights. It also helps with power monitoring. In case of tough environments like metal pan ceilings, simply plug in the optional external antenna and get the best mesh performance from Unite System.

Unite Control App

The Unite Control App offers complete control over installing and managing your system. The control App comes with the option of admin and standard user access. It ensures that only the right people can access certain parts of the system. The App makes both configuring the Unite system and controlling lights remotely an easy and convenient job.

Unite PIR

The Unite PIR brings you presence detection, absence detection, daylight harvesting and staggered dimming. The Unite PIR helps reduce energy consumption and improves the environment for those living and working in the space. There are form factors to fit any situation, and they are set up in a flash, literally!

Unite Switch

Unite Switches are wireless, self-powered switches that give you battery-free Wireless Lighting Control. These switches are powered by EnOcean Kinetic Switches and are simple to integrate with the Unite System. The environmentally friendly and maintenance-free design of Unite Switches adds to their ease of use. Just scan the QR code, and they are set up quickly. Thanks to energy harvesting technology, these switches are a resource-saving alternative to wired or battery-powered switches. Unite switches are ready to use in minutes and undoubtedly manifest wireless simplicity at its best.

Unite Bridge

Have you ever experienced Bluetooth connectivity failure owing to the fabric of the building? It is where Unite Bridge comes in handy to solve the issue. The Unite Bridge introduces the hybrid mesh network that makes Unite a scalable and responsive system. It is equally ideal for small installations as well as large scale deployments.

Unite Master

The Unite Master provides a gateway to the cloud services. It enables remote management, emergency testing and power monitoring.