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Steve Sykes

Having more than three decades of experience working in the electrical and lighting industry, Steve has proven himself as a man of commitment. He demonstrates an extensive experience resume, working with multiple companies in different capacities. He started his career working as an Electrical wholesaler on the trade counter and a branch rep for Rex Electrical. Steve has worked for Whitecroft and Dextra Lighting Group, demonstrating his passion for collaborative working. He is a qualified Lighting Designer who successfully set up the British and European sales network for Beta Calco, the Canadian Architectural Lighting company.

Steve has a thorough understanding of the European markets and tight regulatory controls that have to be implemented in modern installations. Mixing and matching Wireless Lighting Control protocols has become a lot simpler, thanks to Steve. Being the co-founder of Sigma Tech 360, Steve is extremely passionate and dedicated to offering the best possible service to clients. He helps clients with lighting and controls and guides them regarding sourcing the right products.

Apart from being a serious professional, Steve is a loving father who enjoys chauffeuring his son around and walking his dog. He has been an active member of a Thai Boxing club for the last 36 years and loves his role as instructor.

Toby Hart

Toby Hart is a multi-talented individual having expertise ranging from retail to cutting-edge technology. He has successfully managed front-line retail for over a decade owing to his exceptional customer support services. Toby has built multiple businesses that use technology to improve people's lives. Initially, he used technology to support vulnerable people in residential care homes and social housing but later moved on to focus on the wellbeing of people both in the workplace and at home.

Toby has designed and delivered applications, hardware, websites, and ways to unite services together. He loves data and is passionate about using it to better the world. He acknowledges the importance and power of data in this modern age and demonstrates remarkable expertise in moving data around securely, whether in hardware or software projects.

Toby co-founded Sigma Tech 360 with Steve Sykes with devotion to innovation in the field of industrial lighting systems. He believes in delivering high-quality products to people and serving them in the best possible way. He strives to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet and bring improvement in people's quality of life.

Chris Bourne

Chris joined the lighting industry in 1981 and has worked for some of the leading brands. Over the last four decades, Chris has witnessed the evolution in technology from conventional lighting techniques to the present day LED and Wireless Lighting Control systems. He adapted to changing market requirements and kept his knowledge abreast of new industry practices. The need for simplistic, cost-effective, easy-to-commission and easy-to-use lighting systems has become prevalent in a number of industries. Chris has a wealth of experience working in all market sectors, including education, health, corporate, distribution and retail.

Chris brought several years of experience in looking after the emergency lighting requirements of various government agencies to Sigma Tech 360. He joined us as a lighting system expert and looks after the Emergency Lighting requirements of our clients with excellence. His first-hand experience has been tremendously helpful for the company. It enables us to deliver intelligent and efficient lighting systems to our customers compliant with modern industry standards. He helped us develop a cost-effective Wireless Emergency Lighting Testing solution for optimised maintenance of an estate.

Mark Spavin

A couple of years after building his first computer, in 1977, Mark Spavin took an engineering apprenticeship with the market leaders to gain experience in electronic manufacturing. He later moved to Educational Electronics, most notably working on VELA – an innovative data logging tool for schools and universities. Mark designed the first GPS receiver in the UK using his expertise in Polytechnic Electronics. He developed systems using bare-metal coding and successfully built many award-winning products for software and hardware projects.

Mark worked with many renowned companies in his illustrious career, including Bentley, Panasonic, Yeoman Marine, Navstar, Peek Traffic, Glance Information Systems and Medix. With his diversified set of skills and knowledge, he worked for Cognito, Sony/Ericsson and later joined Vodafone. Working as Technical Authority in Vodafone for Paknet, Mark collaborated with Microsoft on their venture to enter the mobile phone market. He has been designing systems for significant utility suppliers, security firms, banks, and government initiatives like smart metering for over a decade.

He brings immense value to Sigma Tech 360 through his years of distinctive expertise and industry knowledge. His contribution to developing Unite, a simplified Wireless Lighting Control system is invaluable.

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